Union Glory Group

Founded by Mr. Joseph Ho and Mr. Jimmy Sun in 2007, Union Glory Group consists of a conglomerate of wholly-owned Canadian incorporated subsidiaries which currently hold mineral claims for iron ore, gold, and granite in properties located in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

The company holds a broad portfolio of highly prospective mineral properties such as Schefferville Iron Ore Project, Tudor Gold Project and Addington Gold Project, which represent unique investment opportunities for investors seeking leverage to gold and iron ore. It has consistently built strong partnerships with the government and the local communities while minimizing the impact to the environment where it operates in.

Union Bridge Holdings Limited

Union Bridge Holdings Limited (‘‘UGHL’’) was incorporated in the State of Nevada of the United States on 6 May 2014. The company is a fully-reporting issuer on OTC Markets Group (Ticker symbol: UGHL).

In view of increasing awareness of environment, health and senior care worldwide and to be in line with the trend of sustainability, so as to maintain long-term sustainable growth of the company and increase shareholders’ wealth, the company plans to expand its business into environmental, biotech and health-related industries such as medical and healthcare hospitality. It also plans to formulate the most advanced artificial intelligence technology for the elderly.

The company aims to maintain its global presence through organic sustainable growth and M&As, and be uplifted to Nasdaq in the near future.

Tak Shun Financial Limited

Established on 16th April 2013, Tak Shun Financial Limited is a diversified financial group providing clients with corporate loan and personal loan, our target group aim at listed companies, property groups and professionals.

APC Partners Limited

Tak Shun Financial also partners with APC Partners Limited, a company licensed for Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) regulated activity.

New Alliance Limited

Villa was built in Phuket Thailand to strengthen the development of the elderly care industry in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The project aims to leverage the current strong demand in Asia for elderly care in resort-style hotels and cooperate with the Thai medical institutions to build a hospital to cater to the senior marketplaces.

South Garden Catering Group Limited

Established in late 2016, South Garden Catering Group is founded to provide healthy and above-and-beyond traditional Cantonese cuisine and Chiuchow cuisine through Dasanyuan (大三圓酒家) and Hebiguan (何必館酒家), respectively. Located at the prime area of Hong Kong, the restaurants aim to preserve and promote the traditional way of cooking and the great favor from one generation to another. Going forward, the company aims to extend along the supply chain of food distribution.

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