Our board of directors and consultants have diverse expertise and multi-cultural background that drive the success of Union Glory Group.

Mr. Joseph Ho

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Joseph Ho is one of the founders of Union Gold Group and serves as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Group. He is adept at mapping out organizational strategic development with a holistic approach and resolute execution. With shrewd market acumen and insight, he is responsible for the overall strategic planning, business expansion and value investment of Union Group. Mr. Ho has been the Chairman and owner of Union Glory Gold Limited, a company incorporated in Ontario, Canada involved in mining exploration/development and finance, since January 2012. He has operated the Tudor Gold Property located in the Tudor Township of Ontario, Canada since 2007, including the Addington Gold Property and the Schefferville Iron Ore Project, which are located in Quebec, Canada. Mr. Ho graduated from Jinan University (Guangzhou) in 1981 with a Bachelor Degree in Economics.

Mr. Jimmy K. Sun

Founder and Legal Counsel

Mr. Sun also is one of the founder of Union Glory Gold Limited. Mr. Jimmy K. Sun has been a lawyer for 36 years and has founded Toronto law firm, Sun & Partners, practicing commercial law, natural resources, and secured financing. He has been in charge of acquisition and exploration of gold and iron ore properties in Canada for more than 10 years. Mr. Sun and the firm Sun & Partners, has been recognized and is on the Commercial Lending list of various banks in Toronto, including The Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of China (Canada), HSBC Bank Canada, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and First Commercial Bank. He had been appointed as Business Ambassador of City of Brampton, Greater Toronto Area, and as Special Advisor on Economic Development to Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China (石家莊). Mr. Sun obtained his BA in Computer Science from York University in 1977, and LLB from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1981.

Mr. Danny Mui

Managing Director

Since 2009, Mr. Danny Mui has been the Managing Director of Union Glory Group and has been in charge of the headquarters in Toronto, Canada which is mainly specialized in gold and iron ore mining business and international trading. With proven track record across various industries, he holds overall responsibility of managing the core business of the HK operation including IPOs, financing, fund raising or asset management and investment in prestigious projects across various sectors. He is also responsible for overseeing the Hong Kong office, headquarters of South East Asia operation including China, as well as subsidiaries set up in Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhongshan, Shandong and other cities in China. From 1970 to 1995, Mr. Mui served as an engineer in Building Industrial and was promoted to the position of Vice President of a British engineering consulting firm with 400 engineers. From 1995 to 1998, he was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of a publicly listed company in Hong Kong. From 1998 to 2001, he was President of an engineering firm in building industry. From 2001 to 2008, he also served as the President of a trading firm in Guangzhou China for the industry of asphalt road surface rejuvenation and environmental protection systems.

Mr. Sai Hung Tang

Chief Consultant

Mr. Sai Hung Tang joined Union Glory Group in 2018 as a senior advisor and served as the chief consultant of Union Gold Glory Limited for years. Mr. Tang has extensive experience in the medical and healthcare industries for the elderly. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Taiwan Catholic Foundation of Alzheimer’s Disease, Chairman of Taiwan Catholic Long Term Care Institution, Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary of Federation on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities, Vice Chairman of the Geriatrics Specialty Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (世界中醫藥學會聯合會老年醫學事業委員會), the former Director of Taiwan Catholic Cardinal Tien Hospital (前台灣天主教耕莘醫院) and the Founding Chairman of Catholic Sanipax Socio-Medical Service & Education Foundation in Taiwan (前台灣康泰醫療教育基金會).

Mr Garry K Smith, P.Geo


Mr Garry K Smith, P.Geo served as the consultant of Union Glory Group. Mr. Smith joined the Union Glory Gold in March 2016 as Project Manager for the Addington Gold Project where he directly managed the drill programs leading to the first independent qualified resource estimate. He also supervised the first environmental baseline study and conducted field programs that significantly increased the strike potential of the main gold zone southwards where no previous work was known. He subsequently managed the Tudor Gold Project including the Phase 2 drill program and field studies leading to a significantly increased strike potential for the main gold zone.

Mr. Smith has also provided exploration management and services to numerous exploration and mining companies for over 30 years, and held various positions including President, VP Exploration, and geological consultant to numerous boards. Notable career milestones were making the initial discovery of the Hemlo world class gold mines for Lac Minerals, and co-founding the second junior to list on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE).

Mr. Smith is a registered geologist with the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO) and provides Qualified Person (QP) geoscience consulting services primarily in the US and Canada for Gold, VMS, Base-Metal, Mo, U, REE and Rare Metal mineral exploration and development projects. His specialty expertise includes project evaluation and acquisition, 43-101 compliant technical reports, project management, general exploration contracting and reporting, computer-based 3D geological modeling and compilation, and MMI soil geochemistry.

Mr. Shan Ho

Chief Executive Officer of Circle YY

Mr. Shan, Paul Ho served as one of the consultants of Union Glory Group. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Circle YY Technologies Inc, a social networking and e-commerce startup founded in 2019. From 2017 to 2018, he was the CEO of Asia Eastern Limited, appraising and running projects in the health, property and management, food and beverage and technology industries around the world, particularly in Asia and the Pacific. Prior to this, he was the Owner and Operations Manager of Roll Play Café for 5 years, a company he founded in Toronto, Canada in 2012 and was in charge of the brand development, corporate strategy, audit-readiness and day-to-day management across a number of departments to ensure successful operation for all stakeholders. Mr. Ho graduated from the University of Waterloo, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Financial Management.

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